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Asian Christian Counseling & Educational Seminar Services, Inc. (ACCESS) is a non-profit counseling center located in the Metro Atlanta area. Services at ACCESS are open to people of all ethnicities and religions. ACCESS is registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

ACCESS Seminar Recordings Now Available

Posted by Rebekah on October 13, 2011


Thanks to a helpful in-kind donation of a new high-quality digital audio recorder in December from one of our supporters, we are now able to record our workshops and seminars without having to depend on helpful volunteers to loan their recorders or record them for us, and we also now have the software to download the recordings to produce CDs and finally make them available to people who may be interested.  We have long hoped to make our recordings available to the general public, and had been receiving requests for them from those who were unable to attend a particular seminar, wanted to give the recordings to friend who might benefit, or enjoyed the seminars so much they wanted a recording to review again in the future!

You can now order either audio (playable on CD players and most computers) or data (playable on computers only) CD’s of select ACCESS seminars and workshops.  Seminars currently available on CD are:

“How To Discipline Your Children” (ACCCN Parenting Seminar - in Chinese only, 4/30/11)
“Asian American Women’s Mental Health” (AARC Asian American Women’s Health Fair Workshop - English with Korean translation, 5/10/11)
“Facing Stress, Loss, and Suffering in Today’s World” (ACCC Seminar - in Chinese only, 8/20/11)

The seminar of “How To Discipline Your Children” contains a brief introduction by Rebekah Wang in English, followed by Dr. Edward Lai’s workshop on “The Purposes and Principles of Discipline” in Chinese, and Ruth Wu’s workshop on “The Art of Reward and Punishment.”  These two workshop recordings may be ordered altogether on one data CD, or separately on either data or audio CD’s, but Dr. Lai’s workshop requires 2 CD’s if ordered as audio CD due to the length.  The seminar of “Facing Stress, Loss, and Suffering in Today’s World” consists of Dr. Edward Lai’s workshop on “Stress and Relaxation,” Ruth Wu’s workshop on “Dealing with Suffering/Loss,” and a special guest testimony by Dominic Yang about his counseling experience as a young adult and it’s impact on his life.  Each can be ordered on three separate audio CD’s or all together on one data CD.

Current and future recordings available will be noted on the Resources page of our website.  At the early part of this learning curve on making these recordings and building our library of recordings available for the community, CD’s are available for a suggested donation of $5 for one CD and $10 for a set of 3 CD’s.  You may order the seminar and workshop recordings by calling the office (770) 986-0800, or emailing info@asianchristiancounseling.org